I almost missed it…


I’ve been waiting

patiently impatient

daydreaming and wishful thinking

mind numb and body stunned


today I took a drink of reality

and now I can see

what is the rush

to be…


to be content

with what is


this is


for now

learn the lesson

dreaded or blessed

I do not know

but IT is the place I’m supposed to be



a thousand conversations

left silent on our tongues

intercepted by realities

hushing our song

scintillating discoveries

set asunder by time

reckless wondering-simple- singular- solace

possibility of crossed paths

ushers a sliver of hope

Poem~ 35


Poem~35 The Nite Life

it was a see and be seen kind of night

balmy breezes, flashy smiles

twinkling lights- strumming guitars

all of the so and so’s and who’s who

mingling about-cackling, laughing

kissing the air in sundresses and sky high heels

gentlemanly nods-comparing and concurring

cigar smoke rings circling over head

slowly dissipating in the pleasant night air

our fingers touching across the table

star gazing while sipping free flowing wine

pretending we belong-but not really caring

such is the night in our little life



Poem~ 34


Poem~ 34    You Can Have It

I can sense you competing    

whispering your disapprovals

contemplating the shallow bond     

challenging their loyalty

sneering at me with your dismal smile

certain you’re infinitely more deserving

smugly confident-sly and condescending

your effervescent charm is nauseating

take it-   ALL-  if it means so much

I honestly… was only trying to help

no matter my sacrifice-for it was a pleasure

sadly- soon to be but a passing thought

all will pale in your brightness

I will pretend it doesn’t hurt

feign happiness for your success

it’s for the best…



dryly in my mind




she tells me she’s been married three times

I like her, but I instantly judge her

she must be fickle-unstable

my mom was married three times

she was crazy

my dad was married three times

he is a womanizer

is she the same… a crazy man-a-nizer?

her speech is practiced and lyrical

she is deaf and reads my lips

maybe her marital troubles stemmed from communication


missing the subtleties of conversation

maybe her lovers were blind and unappreciative

for she is a captivating vision to behold

a free, wandering, silent bird

smart and searching

I really like her and want to know more!




Poem 32~ Allowing

searing white light


your radiant face

pools of liquid blue

red velvet kiss

silent promise


mystically luring

magically igniting

boundaries undefined

full knowledge granted

complete- sweet surrender






the air is sweet with innocence and hope

peacefully anticipating the privilege

young souls process down the aisle

carrying wreaths of roses and garland

red petals flowing in their wake

wistful smiles set upon their faces

kneeling small before the shrine

foreheads anointed, shining with oil

palms traced with trust, tiny fists sealed

precious gifts placed upon the altar

willingly endured for heavens propagation